Personalisierte gravierte koreanische Namensherz-Sterlingsilber-Halskette – Korea-Halskette – Korea-Geschenke – koreanische Schriftzeichen – Hangul

Verkäufer The Jewelry Song

Engrving Sides
Pendant Size

Dies ist eine personalisierte gravierte koreanische Namensherz-Halskette aus Sterlingsilber.

Die Musterkette ist mit dem koreanischen Namen Eun-hee in der Schriftart Nr. 1 graviert und das Herz ist 15 mm breit.

Die verfügbaren 2 Anhängergrößen sind 15 mm und 20 mm.

Eine Seite oder beide Seiten (Vorder- und Rückseite) können in Koreanisch und Zahlen eingraviert werden. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Schriftartoptionen in den Bildern.

Alle Bestellungen werden als Geschenk verpackt geliefert.

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Bitte wählen Sie die Anhängergröße und die Kettenlänge aus der Option aus. Bitte hinterlassen Sie im Kommentarbereich des Warenkorbs den gewünschten Namen und die gewünschte Schriftartnummer. Wenn Sie keine Schriftart auswählen, wird die für das Beispiel verwendete Schriftart verwendet. Für Zahlen wird die Schriftart Nr. 2 verwendet, wenn Sie keine Präferenz haben.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Warren K

Très satisfait du collier. Ma compagne était ravie ^^

Nabila Barqab
So cute, friend loved it!

My package took some time to get here but the company was very responsive and shipped it out as soon as they could, it came wrapped really well in a cute gift bag with no problems at all! will be repurchasing :)))

Sandi S

The items came earlier than I expected. They came in a Korean pouch and beautifully wrappped. This is a present for someone and they are lovely. I got the gold over silver style. The seller was very accommodating and communication was awesome! As for quality while wearing them, they are a present for someone so I won't know personally but they are beautifully made.

Sandi S

This was bought as a gift for someone. I got the gold over silver. Item arrived earlier than expected. I was very happy with the items purchased. They came in a beautiful pouch and nicely wrapped. I had questions about the font and styles and Bea was very helpful and patient with me. Communication was awesome! As for quality, they are a gift so I won't know personally but they are beautifully made.


This necklace is a memorial piece to keep him close at all times. The seller took their time to help me choose a font that would look good with his name, and I really appreciate the responsiveness and help. It came in a very cute, small purple bag. When I took it out, it was beautiful and just what I wanted. I have a severe/specific metal allergy so I was taking a chance on the bronze/silver metal. The pendent seems to be okay, but the chain has given me a rash that lasted a couple of days (not odd with my allergy, but a bummer). I plan on swapping out the chain since I love the pendant so much. The 45 cm chain was also perfect on me length wise and the smaller size chain looks great with the smaller size pendant. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone - just make sure you know what metals your skin can handle.

Thank you for leaving the review and sorry to hear about the problem! If you have a sensitive skin, a sterling silver necklace would be better than the white gold plated brass necklace you ordered. All our sterling silver base jewelry is nickel free as in the item's description. I'm glad to know you can enjoy the pendant though. Thanks so much for the order again! -Bea :)